Can we consider a life without dental problems?
Is it possible to keep the teeth for a lifetime?
Can carries be fatal, and is walking out of them inevitable?

The Bio Dentistry :

  • is a new technique of care based on the use of products and technologies fully natural, bio compatible, and already provides answers to all these questions.
  • Its goal is to control the emergence and proliferation of bacteria responsible for dental caries, the loss of teeth and all the associated symptoms: bleeding, pain, bad breath, skin irritations, inflammations, dental motilities...
  • It is based on: learning and the establishment of a dental hygiene custom. Strict and carried out daily by the patient at home, On the clinical use of dental Lasers, And on the implementation of all the techniques of replenishments of dental tip (Radiography, 3D, Implants, dental prostheses, treatments under dykes, oxygen therapy ...) by specializ ed practitioners.

Why is this bacterial infection known nowadays and recognized by all, developing? Why doesn’t the immune system intervene to curb this proliferation?

To attempt to answer these questions we will focus on its operation and function. Each day, the body has a need of Oligo-elements and minerals essential to life, which contribute not only to the renewal of cells and tissues but also and especially the strengthening of the immune system and the help to prevent any type of infection. Our body is made of billions of cells, Each behaves as a laboratory that produces continuously chemical reactions thus ensuring the proper functioning of our body. All these reactions are under the dependence of small labor called enzymes that trigger the biochemical reactions. For these reactions to take place, the enzyme needs a "spark”: the Oligo- elements. The Oligo- elements are the essential enablers of many biological mechanisms on the digestive system, muscular, circulatory or brain. Although present in very low quantities in the body, they are essential to its operation and the maintenance of its balance.
Any deficit, even tiny, may therefore lead to a malfunction of the immune system, who is then powerless at the bacterial invasion enabling the development of many illnesses. Each day the body is also exposed to the threats of ”heavy metals” that, as the radioactivity, cannot be seen, felt, or detected without the referral to analytical laboratories. They have invaded the earth, the sky, the sea, and they accumulate dangerously in the bodies of all living beings.
Today, the "heavy metals" represent a serious threat to the balance of nature and the survival of many living species.
According to the World Health Organization, 80% of chronic diseases, including periodontal disease, can be caused, favored or aggravated, directly or indirectly, by environmental pollution. Among the most dangerous pollutants are these famous heavy metals, namely mercury, cadmium, lead, arsenic, aluminum and copper.
The metals or essential minerals play a crucial role in these biochemical processes (the electrolyte and the enzymatic process).
The presence of heavy metals deeply damages the biochemical balance and in more destroys the biology of our cells thereby promoting the development of some chronic diseases such as periodontal disease. It is a must then to absolutely help the body to detoxify to prevent all kinds of diseases.

The therapeutic challenge therefore, is to:

  • Identify a mean of investigation: simple, fast, efficient, reliable and repeatable able to advise us in our daily practice, on the possible shortcomings of our patients in micronutrients and on their level of intoxication in heavy metals.
  • To put in place a treatment of re- equilibration and chelating compounds.

To do this there are today 4 techniques:

  • The analysis of blood: ineffective, because what we are interested in is what is happening at the intra-cellular level and not in the blood.
  • The analysis of urine: inefficient because it provides information only on what is eliminated and not on what is used.
  • The analysis of hair: very effective but is done for tracing the history of a disease, because it is related to the deficiencies or excesses of the past.
  • The analysis by spectrophotometry ( oligoscan) available in my clinic: very efficient because populated on the intracellular bioavailability. ( fast, accurate , no blood samples)

Dentist Smart Protocol

Dental Health General Check Up
Bad Breath ,Herpes, Cheilitis, Healing ,Canker sores Zn , Cu ,SE
Infection and inflammation MG . CU
Bleeding Gum, loose teeth FE , B12 ,VIT C
Dental Caries CA ,CO, PB
Enamel and Bone problems CA ,MG ,P
Silver pigmentation Ag
Aphthous ulcers ACIDOSIS
Periodontal disorders High CA/MG Ratio
Heat and cold Sensation VIT D ,CA ,MG , SI
Pigmentation, Periodontal Disease HG
Allergy and ulcers I , FE
Bucodental Disorders CD ,PB
Metallic Taste CU ,SE
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